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Headaches & Neck Pain and Chiropractic:

I have experienced migraines all my life.  Six months ago they became so bad I was not able to do things with my kids or my husband.  My migraines would go to the extent of me not being able to move, look at light, or talk.  I was in tears most of the time.  I have gone to extremes of research in looking for cures both natural and medical.  I started coming about 2 months ago, I was told this was a 50/50 chance by the doctor.  However, for me this has been the "HUGEST MIRACLE".  I have had one tension headache, and have been able to do things with my family and have a normal life, thanks to the care I recieve at Dr. Marquardt's office w/staff.  Thank you, Dawn B.

Doctor's Commentary:  Migraines can be caused by a number of factors.  When the cause is a chiropractic one, however, it is almost always overlooked by other healthcare providers.  In this case, there was segmental dysfunction in the patient's neck that was causing muscle spasm at the base of her skull, leading to severe migraines on a daily basis.  Once the mechanics of her cervical spine were restored, the headaches dissipated quickly and have not returned.


Herniated Discs and Chiropractic:

Because of a car accident I have a herniated disc in my low back.  I have had numerous episodes of low back pain and sciatic pain down my leg.  I moved to Missoula and ever since have been a patient of Dr. Marquardt.  And now, thanks to Dr. Marquardt I am able to live my dream.  I am a firefighter and owe my back health to great doctors, like Dr. Marquardt.  I also no longer suffer from migraines, thanks to him also.  Larry W.

Doctor's Commentary:  Herniated discs are commonly seen in both symptomatic and asymptomatic people.  They generally respond well to conservative treatment.  I have a herniated disc at L5 and it has responded well to chiropractic care and Pilates exercises over the years.  Chiropractic care will not remove the disc herniation, however, restoring proper motion to the lumbar spine allows the inflammation of a herniated disc to decrease and removes the biochemical byproducts of the inflamatory process, allowing the disc to heal and relieving symptoms.


Auto Accidents and Chiropractic:

I was in an auto accident and have had chronic back and neck pain since.  I've seen several health professionals since then and really feel as though my adjustments/appts here have decreased my pain and restrictions I used to have are made easier to do.  I feel that coming here has really had a positive effect on my condition.  Kathryn S.

Doctor's Commentary:  Chiropractic care is critical to the healing process in the case of accident originated trauma.  Proper motion must be restored to the segments of the spine.  Until this is done, many people continue to suffer needlessly for years, and degenerative joint disease (arthritis) may progress unchecked in the spine.  A combination of chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and physical therapy is particularly effective in the treatment of these types of injuries.


Low Back Pain and Chiropractic:

I have a seizure disorder and arthritis in my hips.  Since seeing Dr. Marquardt I have had much less hip pain and in fact no longer need my meds.  My seizures have become less frequent and less intense when they do occur.  I have found Dr. M to be a caring, compassionate practitioner.  I would recommend him to anyone. . . in fact I have recommended him to several friends who have also been impressed with his treatment.   Debrah H.

Doctor's Commentary:  More than just your usual day at the office, this case was a tough case.  This patient had previously been evaluated worldwide by top neurologists.  Sometimes small things can make big differences; that was certainly the case here.

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