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Service Fees


At Marquardt Chiropractic Clinic our goal is to help you reach your health goals as quickly as possible. We strive to provide top quality care at an affordable price.

Our priority is to get you out of our office and back to health. Your trust is vitally important to us. We will tell you what we believe we can or can't do for you and refer you appropriately as necessary.

Feel free to call our office for a consultation if you have questions about your back or neck pain. We will offer you our professional opinion at no charge and are happy to offer second opinions on treatment plans.


Time of Service Fee Schedule:

Gonstead adjustment/office visit:  $49

Full Spine X-ray: $99 (AP and Lateral films, fee includes reading of films)

New Patient Exam: $71

Sports Physical:  $45

Exercise Coaching:  $55

Massage Chair Therapy: $1 per minute ( minimum 8 min for quick healing or multiples of ten minutes)

                                 Only $50 for 1 Hour ( Prepay $250 for 6- 1 hour sessions )


Gift certificates available for all products and services !!!


Medicare fees are subject to the Medicare Part B fee schedule, which is adjusted annually by CMS. We file most types of insurance, including personal injury and workers compensation. Please note that the fees listed above reflect a time of service discount and are for standard office visits. Additional services may be recommended on an individual basis and are subject to additional fees. Billed accounts are subject to a higher fee schedule. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit/debit cards.

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