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           Dr. Mage R Lee, D.C.

Dr. Lee provides excellent care to Missoulians utilizing the specific Gonstead Chiropractic system of adjusting and analysis.  He is a manual adjusting, "hands on" chiropractor.  He received exceptional training in technique by one of the original doctors of the Gonstead Clinic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin and several Gonstead diplomats in addition to being president of the Gonstead club at the Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Lee has great success treating of back and neck pain in his Mount Avenue clinic.  He is regarded as the "go to guy" for specific manual treatment in the Missoula area. 

His goal is to provide his patients with the information and care they need to help them manage their pain, Maximize their health and wellness and reach their personal goals for health.

The Ultimate Medical Breakthrough X Massage Chair

 We are proud to announce the arrival of our incredible new massage chair. 

This truly is the Ultimate Medical Breakthrough, a massage chair programmed with multiple systems to help heal your body. The Advance Medical Care Systems is made up of several systems in Breakthrough X developed over the past 10 years to help take care of our health.

  • Aches & Pain Relief System™ 

  • Fatique Recovery System™ 

  • Arthrosis Joint Care System™      


Best of all, these are just a few of the many systems built into Medical Breakthrough X to keep our bodies stay as healthy as possible. There are a few other systems that are just as good such as the Shoulder Grasp Technology™ which helps get rid of all the knots in your neck and shoulders. With all of these systems in Medical Breakthrough X, the more you use the massage chair the more your body will thank you. This truly is a Medical Breakthrough.

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