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Massage Therapy


We are proud to offer massage therapy in our specially equipped massage therapy rooms. Our massage Chair contains the ultimate state of the art technology and beats all expectations. 

More efficient and sanitary than manual massage

works on many areas at once: arms backs and legs, giving you a more complete massage experience in less time.

Many styles of massage are available including: Swedish, Roman, Thai,

Eygyptian ,Roman, Shiatsu and More!

Also result oriented programs are available such as: Energizer, stretch, exercise and sleep.


Our Massage Chairs Utilize a variety of techniques to meet your needs. Massage therapy has proven to be very effective in managing a variety of problems and works as a nice complement to chiropractic care.  



If you are interested in scheduling a massage, please call our office at 406-543-5251 and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Walk ins also accepted on a first come first serve basis.

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